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Smithfield City Ordinance 12.24.020 creates a city tree board of 7 citizens and one member of the city council. Board members serve 2-3 years and are unpaid. Meetings are held four or more times a year and are open to the public.

Current board members are:

Persons wishing to contact the board or give input concerning city trees may contact Smithfield city at (435) 563-6226 or email trees@smithfieldcity.org

Smithfield City Tree Committee

Persons wishing to serve on the board, or give input concerning city trees may contact Smithfield City at (435) 563-6226 or email trees@smithfieldcity.org

Meetings are held four or more times a year and are open to the public.

Sunset Park Tree Planting

What can 66 volunteers accomplish? They can plant 26 trees in one evening to create a new city park! Tuesday evening, May 14, volunteers gathered to celebrate Arbor Day with a short program and by planting trees. During the program, six children from Birch Creek Elementary were honored as first place winners in their school’s Arbor Day Poster contest. The winners were kindergarten Nathaniel Kimball, 1st Grade Kalista Garr, 2nd grade Amalia Fonua, 3rd Grade Carson Dunkley, 4th Grade Sydney Newell, and 5th Grade Trinity Larsen.

Purchase of the trees was made possible by a grant from TreeUtah, a nonprofit organization; a donation from Mason Niederhauser, and park funds from the city. Ross Chambless, planting coordinator from TreeUtah, and Hannah Whitney, their volunteer coordinator, demonstrated the correct way to plant a tree before the volunteer work began. Families, friends, and groups from Cub Scouts, Scouts, and Young Adults all worked together to dig holes, plant and water trees. The Smithfield Tree Committee members along with Ross and Hannah from TreeUtah helped oversee the work. City employees with power equipment provided much needed help when the ground was just too hard to dig! Cookies, homemade root beer, lemonade and water added a party flavor to the evening. Grass was laid the next day, and by Thursday the site had changed from a dirt bowl to green grass and trees! A second stage is planned for the park, developing the south end with a playground and picnic area.

If you haven’t seen the park yet, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to do so. Located in the southeast foothills of our town, Sunset Park is a green jewel in an exquisite setting, looking west across the valley and mountains rising around it. It is located on 600 East between 900 and 1000 South, but disappears from view when traveling north due to a steep slope. Because newly laid sod and young trees are both vulnerable, it is a good idea to give them time to become established before using the area. Encourage children and others to not disturb the trees. With a little care, Sunset Park will become another beautiful asset for our town and neighborhoods.

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