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Winter Parking

On October 11, 2006, the city council voted to alter the winter parking ordinance. It now reads as follows:


A. It is unlawful for the driver of any vehicle to park a motor vehicle on any street in this municipality between November 15 of each year and March 15 of the following year, for a period of time longer than ten (10) minutes when loading or unloading passengers for a period of time longer than thirty (30) minutes when loading, unloading or delivering property between the hours of one o’clock (1:00) A.M. and six o’clock (6:00) A.M. A first offense of the provisions of this ordinance during the season described above shall result in the issuance of a warning citation, all subsequent offences shall be deemed aviolation. Nonresident visitors may obtain a winter parking permit which when displayed prominently in the front windshield will exempt the nonresident vehicle from the provisions of this subsection for the period indicated on the permit, except when snow is falling or predicted, but no case shall the period exceed three (3) days from the date of issuance. This section shall not apply to doctors on house calls or vehicles used in the repair of utilities. For purposes of this section, a street shall be within the confines of the curb and gutter except in those cases where no curb and gutter exists, a street shall be that area bounded by a line twenty feet (20’) from the edge of the pavement or within the right of way lines, whichever is less.

According to the alterations in the ordinance, winter parking passes are now available for visitors. These passes may be obtained at the Smithfield City Police Department. They are good for a three day period of time and must be displayed prominently on the dashboard of the vehicle listed on the pass. If you have any questions contact the Smithfield City Police Department at (435) 563-8501.