(435) 563-6226       info@smithfieldcity.org

Smithfield City Police Department
55 E 100 S
P.O. Box 96
Smithfield, Utah 84335
Mon-Thurs from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Phone: (435) 563-8501
Fax: (435) 563-8532

Outside of regular business hours call Dispatch at (435) 753-7555 if you need assistance.

Closed Holidays

Smithfield Police Department

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Mission Statement
Smithfield City Police Department is an integral part of Smithfield’s growing community.  Our mission is to labor effectively as team members in partnership with all who reside or are located in Smithfield, and its greater area, to promote and sustain the distinguished quality of life enjoyed so much in this valley by anticipating and responding to the community’s need for peace and security, relief and emergency assistance, education and awareness, public service, and law enforcement.

The members of the Smithfield City Police Department are dedicated to conducting ourselves in the most ethical and professional manner.  Individual and collective values are motivated by our deepest desire to act honorably in all matters of public trust.  Our foremost values are trust, honesty, initiative, creativity, dependability, liberty, fairness, and compassion with our principle value being life and human dignity. The services we render are based upon the continuing development of our skills, knowledge, experience, insights, ingenuity, and training so that our actions will always demonstrate our integrity.

Special Notes

           The Smithfield City Police Department would like to remind residents and visitors of Smithfield City to be vigilant in locking their vehicles and homes. We have had vehicle burglaries, most of which were crimes of opportunity because a vehicle was left unlocked. If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood please contact the police department immediately.