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A General Plan (sometimes referred to as a “master plan”) guides a community in making land-use decisions. Smithfield City’s rich agricultural heritage, coupled with the need to accommodate new industries and population growth, requires the establishment of this type of framework to effectively organize land uses. The General Plan is a tool to help guide zoning, budgeting, and capital improvement decisions and public policy-making. By implementing this General Plan, Smithfield City can create and sustain a stable and prosperous growth pattern. The General Plan contains a land-use map that depicts land uses. The General Plan and the land-use map work together in creating a focused direction for developing the community.

To review the entire General Plan in it's entirety, please click here.

Review Specific Areas:

1 - 2016 Smithfield Draft Plan Cover
2 - 2016 Draft Plan Table of Contents
3 - 2016 Draft Plan Introduction
4 - 2016 Draft Plan Growth and Land Use
5- 2016  Draft Plan Environmental Resources
6 - 2016 Draft Plan Transportation
7 - 2016 Draft Plan Moderate Income Housing
8 - 2016 Draft Plan Public Facilities
9 - 2016 Draft Plan Future Land Use Map with annexation (Attach 1)
10 - 2016 Draft Plan Current Zoning Map (Attach 2)
11 - 2016  Draft Plan Sensitive Lands Map (Attach 3)

Appendix A
Existing & Future Parks Map (Attach 1)
Existing & Future Trails Map (Attach 2)
Inventory of Existing Parks & Trails (Attach 3)
Walkable Park Access Map (Attach 4)
Existing & Future Parks with Walkable Access Map (Attach 5)

Appendix A Attachments 1 through 5 complete 

Appendix A-Attachments

09-26-2016 Parks & Trails Master Plan (Appendix A)
2016-09-26 Attachments Smithfield General Plan
2016-09-26 Smithfield Draft Plan